2019-ILC-01 : Proficiency test and PCR evaluation study

Bonamia ostreae and Bonamia exitiosa are listed pathogens infecting flat oysters Ostrea edulis in Europe, sometimes in same oyster populations and even in same oysters. In order to facilitate the diagnosis of these two listed pathogens, the European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for mollusc diseases has developed and validated a new multiplex TaqMan® PCR allowing the detection of both parasites in one step. The aim of this study is to assess the performances of this new assay, and to compare them with other currently recommended PCR assays.

An Inter Laboratory Comparison (ILC) test was organized in 2019 (2019-ILC-01) to test the competency of participants regarding the detection of B. ostreae and B. exitiosa in flat oyster by PCR.

Optionally, participants were invited to use the new multiplex real-time PCR assay to test the 2019-ILC-01 set of samples. Primers and probes for the new real-time PCR were provided.

The set of samples consisted in 24 DNA suspensions of flat oysters either uninfected, either infected with B. ostreae or B. exitiosa or both. As the ILC test was performed on DNA and not on animal tissues, this study only evaluated the PCR step.

20 laboratories participated in the 2019-ILC-01 proficiency test and 17 laboratories agreed to test the new real-time PCR assay.

Reports of this study and of the proficiency test are available on the NRLS' Section / Proficiency test / Results and reports (limited access by login and password).

The procedure of the new real-time PCR assay is available on the SOPs section