2021 Annual Meeting and Workshop of NRLs for Mollusc Diseases

The 2021 Annual Meeting and the 13th Technical Workshop of National Reference Laboratories for Mollusc Diseases was organised at-distance on the 16-19th of March 2021. In total, 75 participants from 22 countries registered to the online meeting and / or the workshop.

The Annual Meeting included five sessions: 1/ Highlights on some recent surveillance results, 2/ News from the bench, 3/ News from OIE, 4/ EURL activities 5/ EU Legislation

The Technical Workshop focused on parasites of the genus Haplosporidium and included two sessions: 1/ Presentations regarding the detection of Haplosporidium parasites in different countries, 2/ Histological examination of different mollusc species infected with some Haplosporidium parasites in small groups, using the mScope Software.

The report is available under the NRLs' section (restricted access).