2020 ILC test Histo-cytology

In 2020, an interlaboratory comparison (ILC) will be  organised by the EURL in order to test the competency of participants regarding the detection by histo-cyto pathology of the following pathogens : Bonamia sp., Marteilia sp., Perkinsus sp., Mikrocytos sp. and Haplosporidium sp.

The test will include one set of 20 histological slides of crassostrea spp., and one set of 10 histological slides of ostrea edulis and 10 slides of ostrea edulis imprints.

In the context of Covid19 pandemic, all slides will be scanned and the whole test will be available at-distance via the mScope software to avoid any transport problems.

The ILC test, initially planned in June, should start in October.