2022-ILC-01 Proficiency test in histology

The  2022 interlaboratory comparison (ILC) was organised by the EURL in order to test the competency of participants regarding the detection by histopathology of the following pathogens : Bonamia sp., Marteilia sp., Perkinsus sp. and Mikrocytos sp.

The test included 2 parts:

Part 1: scanned slides available online on the mScope portal

This part includes  10 histological slides of Ostrea edulis and 10 histological slides of Mytilus sp. Participants will have  2.5 months to read the slides online and to report their results, between August and October 2022.

Part 2: physical slides, sent from one participant to another

This part includes 10 histological slides of crassostrea spp. Participants will have 5 working days to read the slides and report their results upon reception. First participant received the slides in June 2022, and the last participant received the slides in December 2022.

The report was sent to participants in March 2023 and is also available under the NRLs' section.

The 2022-ILC-01 is now opened to non-EU reference laboratories.