You will find here important european and international texts about molluscs commercial exchange and diseases control.

  European Union legislation

You can access here to the main text of the european legislation dealing with diseases of molluscs. Many other texts are all available on EUR-LEX website. You can refer to the Aquaculture page of the Maritime Affairs website and the DG Health and Consumers website of the European Commission for more texts related to the aquaculture legislation in Europe.

The Council Directive 2006/88/EC

The Council Directive 2006/88/EC on "Animal health requirements for aquaculture animals and products thereof, and on the prevention and control of certain diseases in aquatic animals" has been published on the 24th of October 2006. The annex IV, part II gives the list of exotic and non exotic diseases to be immediately notified to the national competent authority:



Susceptible host species 

Infection with  Bonamia ostreae  

Australian mud oyster ( Ostrea angasi), Chilean flat oyster ( O. chilensis), Olympia flat oyster ( Ostrea conchaphila), Asiatic oyster ( O. denselammelosa), European flat oyster ( Ostrea edulis) and Argentinian oyster ( O. puelchana).

Infection with  Marteilia refringens  

Australian mud oyster ( Ostrea angasi), Chilean flat oyster ( O. chilensis), European flat oyster ( Ostrea edulis), Argentinian oyster ( O. puelchana), blue mussel ( Mytilus edulis) and Mediterranean mussel ( M. galloprovincialis)



Susceptible host species 

Infection with  Bonamia exitiosa  

Australian mud oyster ( Ostrea angasi) and Chilean flat oyster ( O. chilensis).

Infection with  Perkinsus marinus  

Pacific oyster ( Crassostrea gigas) and Eastern oyster ( C. virginica).

Infection with  Mikrocytos mackini  

Pacific oyster ( Crassostrea gigas), Eastern oyster ( C. virginica), Olympia flat oyster ( Ostrea conchaphila) and European flat oyster ( O. edulis).

Useful links

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  International Organisations

OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health )
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)
ICES (International Commission for Exploration of the Sea)