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2018 ILC test Histology

Published on 29 may

The 2018 proficiency test for the detection of listed diseases (Directive 2006/088/EC) by histopathology will start in August 2018. Registration is open until the 14th of June 2018.

2016 ILC test Histology

Published on 31 may

The collection of 40 stained slides from the 2016 interlaboratory comparison test (2016-ILC-01) is now available under mScope (NRLs section> slide viewer).

Report 2018 Annual Meeting

Published on 11 june

The 2018 Annual meeting of NRLs for Mollusc diseases took place on the 14th and 15th of March in La Rochell, France. The repor. The report of this event is available under the "NRLs' section".

2017 ILC test

Published on 16 january

The 2017 proficiency test for the detection of Marteilia refringens and Bonamia sp. by PCR ended in September 2017. The report is available under the NRLs' section. 

Quality management and SOPs

Published on 11 june

New and updated protocols from the "SOPs" page