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The European Union Reference Laboratory (Adaptation and Health of Marine Invertabrate Unit) is part of the Ifremer (Institut Français de Recherches pour l'Exploitation de la Mer) Research Station located in  La Tremblade (borough of Ronce-les-Bains), South of La Rochelle city on the West coast of France.

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La Rochelle has an airport with flights connecting from various European cities (e.g. London, Southampton, Dublin, Edinburgh, Oslo, Brussels): http://www.larochelle.aeroport.fr/en/

The laboratory is about one hour by car from La Rochelle airport. Download the application/pdf Regional map

Paris is connected to La Rochelle by railway (3 hours). You can also connect to Rochefort by train from La Rochelle, and then take a taxi to La Tremblade:  http://www.tgv-europe.com/en/home/

EURL Address

 Ifremer, Adaptation and Health of Marine Invertebrates (ASIM)
 Avenue du Mus de Loup
 17390 La Tremblade
 Phone: +33 546 762 610
 Fax: +33 546 762 611