Proficiency Tests


An important function and duty of the European Union Reference Laboratory is to periodically organise comparative tests for EU National Reference Laboratories to assess their ability to identify the notifiable diseases and other important diseases. In this context it must be emphasised that inter-laboratory comparative tests are being carried out for various reasons such as:

  • to determine the capability of a laboratory to conduct specific diagnostic tests
  • to check or certify the performance of individual operators
  • to check or certify the calibration of instrumentation
  • to harmonise existing test methods
  • to evaluate new test methods
  • to assign values and ranges to standard materials
  • to resolve inter-laboratory differences


Since June 2021, the EURL is accredited by the Cofrac (Comité français d'accréditation) for the organisation of Inter-Laboratory Comparison test in histo-cytopathology targeting Bonamia sp., Marteilia sp., Perkinsus sp. and Mikrocytos sp. in molluscs.

Accréditation n° 1-6907

Scope available on

IFREMER ASIM -Unité Adaptation et Santé des Invertébrés Marins